The Suzie Diaries
Sunday, August 03, 2003
The olsen twins ate Kellay. I knew it.
I'm here at my granparents house. Fun fun. Last night I was up until 1:30 with my grandmother. It was fun. I'll tell you guys some of the stories later.
Saturday, August 02, 2003
dude. your blog died.
My blog is having some serious issues.
I came back over here while the kids were playing outside just so I could say how much I hate kids...
HardcorePigeons: May the force be with you, Suzie-chan.
suziefromsweden: I have to babysit the crazy russian cross-dressing leg humpers
HardcorePigeons: EW!
HardcorePigeons: Good luck. Bring a gun.
Auto response from suziefromsweden: I'm showering. Be back soon.

HardcorePigeons: Don't be silly, Suzie. We all know you don't shower.
Sleepless in Seatle

Meg Ryan
I shall find out all I can about Tom Hanks and stalk him.
Tom Hanks
Your plan worked. I love you.

I currently look so ugly right now... Possibly the ugliest I've ever looked in my entire life.
Well, at least besides when I was in 6th grade... I was HIDEOUS in 6th grade.
suziefromsweden: Dude.
HardcorePigeons: .eduD
suziefromsweden: I hate chicken.
HardcorePigeons: gasp.
HardcorePigeons: even...CHICKEN FINGERS? with ketchup?
suziefromsweden: Chicken fingers are OKAY.
HardcorePigeons: they are FANTASTICO!
suziefromsweden: Only to someone who likes chicken.
yes, that's what jackass really is.

...but it's hilarious.
HardcorePigeons: he's a superfreak. superfreak, hes SUPERFREKAY!
Me and Kellay are having a conversation about 2 kidnapped kids from Houston, Texas.
Damn Olsen twins...
I'm eating oatmeal... its really thick... and I'm eating it with a fork...
I'm so weird.
I hate you!
"You're not as smart and intellectual as you think."
Nothing is free anymore. What is wrong with this world?
I swear, all computer games are the source of all evil...
ginirosaru: lol i was babysitting this girl
ginirosaru: and she wrote me a note
ginirosaru: and she was trying to write sweet dreams
ginirosaru: and she wrote see it jrems
No, jackass is a bunch of jackasses getting their asses kicked by inatimate objects...
no, dude.
everything on mtv is pretty much screwed but jackass and All Things Rock (which you've probably never seen cause they only show it between 12am-3:30am, and sometimes not at all).

but jackass seriously kicks ass.
Yeah, well, goodnight.
You know what I need? Carrot cake.
Thankyou Sarah.
I'm actually tired.
MuertE de SiN: how did they get a picture of my keyboard?
suziefromsweden: LOL
suziefromsweden: You're a pirate!
suziefromsweden: I knew it!
MuertE de SiN: R
HardcorePigeons: Wouldn't it be weird if you spelled your name "Phsoozy"
suziefromsweden: LOL
HardcorePigeons: (silent PH)
HardcorePigeons: wouldn't it be funny if avocados grew on apple trees?
HardcorePigeons: and people would be all confused!
Friday, August 01, 2003
Okay, So I'm not really travelling the world, but we can all just pretend, right?
Does anyone want to travel the world with me?
I'm going to Dallas and Rome.
HardcorePigeons: how much would you pay to see a pirate say "dude"
suziefromsweden: A LOT.
HardcorePigeons: ME TOO.
HardcorePigeons: Man, i wish i had a pirate.
I refuse to watch "Jackass". Ever.
"Oopsies. I baked an air muffin."
HardcorePigeons: You're like the OLSEN TWINS
HardcorePigeons: CLONES!
suziefromsweden: EVIL
HardcorePigeons: OH
HardcorePigeons: MY
HardcorePigeons: god
I swear to God that everything on MTV is seriously screwed up. Haha, its great.
I'm having a big warning party.
This life is going no where...
suziefromsweden: If the word was Noops, it would be spoon backwards.
HardcorePigeons: ...
suziefromsweden: LOL. Yeah.
I have this insane urge to listen to 60s music...
Why do I always get mosquito bites in the weirdest spots?
suziefromsweden: You know what annoys me?
MuertE de SiN: When people block you?
MuertE de SiN: Or anonymously warn you?
suziefromsweden: No. Well, yeah, but thats a different story.
suziefromsweden: Chain letters.
MuertE de SiN: ^ ^
MuertE de SiN: interesting
suziefromsweden: LOL
*suziefromsweden is warned anonymusly to 3%*
MuertE de SiN: omg, how in the WORLD did your warning level get to three?!
Why do I even bother opening chain letters? They're always like "Send this to 8974837218493274321 in the next thirty seconds or you will die tommarow". I hate that.
>>> ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.
>>> TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their
>>> conversational skills will be as important as any other.
>>> THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all
>>> you want.
>>> FOUR. When you say, "I love you," mean it.
>>> FIVE. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye.
>>> SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married.
>>> SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight.
>>> EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams
>>> don't have much.
>>> NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the
>>> only way to live life completely.
>>> TEN. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.
>>> ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives
>>> TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly.
>>> THIRTEEN. When someone asks you a question you don't want to
>>> answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?"
>>> FOURTEEN. Remember that great love and great achievements involve
>>> great risk.
>>> FIFTEEN. Say "bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.
>>> SIXTEEN. When you lose, don't lose the lesson
>>> SEVENTEEN. Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for
>>> others; and Responsibility for all your actions.
>>> EIGHTEEN. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.
>>> NINETEEN. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate
>>> steps to correct it.
>>> TWENTY. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in
>>> your voice.
>>> TWENTY-ONE. Spend some time alone.

HardcorePigeons: the lady at the cashier was like "you know what this books about...right?"
HardcorePigeons: and i'm like ...yea
HardcorePigeons: cause they told us theres this girl that gets raped
HardcorePigeons: so [the cashier] SCREAMS "DATE RAPE!!!"
suziefromsweden: LOL
HardcorePigeons: and i was like"OMG! I KNOW"
HardcorePigeons: it was so weird
HardcorePigeons: she was freaking out
A professor stood before her Philosophy 101 class and had some items in
of her.

When the class began, wordlessly, she picked up a very large and empty
mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. She then asked
the students
if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

So the professor picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the
jar. She
shook the jar lightly. The pebbles, of course, rolled into the open
between the golf balls.. She then asked the students again if the jar
was full.
They agreed it was.

The professor then picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar.
course, the sand filled up everything else. She then asked once more if
the jar
was full. The students responded with a unanimous - yes.

The professor then produced two cans of liquid chocolate from under the
and proceeded to pour the entire contents into the jar effectively
the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.

"Now," said the professor, as the laughter subsided, "I want you to
that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important
things -
- your family, your spouse, your health, your children, your friends,
favorite passions - - things that if everything else was lost and only
remained, your life would still be full.

"The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your
house, your

"The sand is everything else - - the small stuff."

"If you put the sand into the jar first," she continued, "there is no
for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for your life. If you
spend all
your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for
things that are important to you.

Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. "Take
of the golf balls first - - the things that really matter. Set your
priorities. The rest is just sand."

One student raised her hand and inquired what the chocolate

The professor smiled. "I'm glad you asked. It just goes to show you
that no
matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for chocolate!"

This one is so true. SHE DID LET GO!! HAHAH!!
HardcorePigeons: R!
HardcorePigeons: avast!
This one would win, but the Blair Witch Project did.

The creator of this site if my HERO.
I think this one wins.
Erin Brockovich
Julia Roberts
I'm a jerk, but I'm brilliant. Give me a job, you fountain of scummy pain evil.
Albert Finney
Julia Roberts
This company is poisoning water. Let's fry their ugly hides in extract of hell.
(They DO, and it is HEARTWARMING.)


(I got lazy and stopped making things bold and such.)
Pretty Woman
Julia Roberts
I'm a hooker, but I don't kiss on the lips.
Richard Gere
I have a lot of money.
Julia Roberts


No, I mean I gotta...
The Matrix

Keanu Reeves
Hey everybody, look! Look at me! I'm in a movie that doesn't suck!
Keanu Reeves
Yes, it's true! Not only that, despite my total lack of acting ability, I very nearly didn't suck in this movie!


The Lion King

You killed your father.
(runs away)
We need you.
(runs back)

Since there are so many movies out there, this is very convinent.
You have to see this too. They're all amazing.
I swear to GOD this person is a genious.
HardcorePigeons: CA = sun cancer
suziefromsweden: SPF 900: the anti- skin cancer.
HardcorePigeons: LOL
HardcorePigeons: THEY HAVE 70SPF
HardcorePigeons: isn't that cool
HardcorePigeons: i want some
suziefromsweden: It'll probably make you even whiter than you were.
HardcorePigeons: COOL
HardcorePigeons: muwhahahah
HardcorePigeons: i'll be known as "transluscent girl"
suziefromsweden: HAHA
suziefromsweden: TIF
HardcorePigeons: ii won't have to worry about college...i've got a set career in the circus
suziefromsweden: YES.
suziefromsweden: Kellay, the invisible clown.
HardcorePigeons: i'll post it
suziefromsweden: Which blog?
HardcorePigeons: i hate you
suziefromsweden: I hate you too.
suziefromsweden: OH
HardcorePigeons: LOL
suziefromsweden: Wait
HardcorePigeons: THATS THE BLOG
MuertE de SiN: I'm just happy "there is no longer a violent war" against me.
The war against Creekboy has now changed to the war against Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
Me and Jen have been on the phone for the past 2 hours.
In fact, so does everyone else in her family. Its SO WEIRD.
Jen has one eye thats smaller than the other one.
Since the war is over, me and Kellay don't have anyone to hate.
Of course, when I'm about to apoligize to Kelli, she signs off.
Fine. You know what? I don't care anymore. Kellay, you win. I give up.
i can keep my nose out of your business.
you ripped my nose off and placed it in your business. you told me about creekboy and everything.
if you didn't want to talk about it, then tell me that and i won't ask you but i'm not going to annoy someone i don't know if i don't have a reason.
well i answered it anyway. tough shit.
And I never asked you when the weirdness stopped. It was a retorical question, and not for you.
If you want to talk , then IM me.
only to be greeted with "what do you want"? I want to know why he's a bastard.
[why the hell am i having an argument on my BLOG?!?! when will the weirdness stop?!!?]
Its Becuase YOU can't keep your nose out of my business...
and then you BETRAYED me.
maybe i wouldn't have to cecede from the fight if a certain SOMEONE would just tell me WHY we're fighting it in the first place.
What is going on here?!?! I'm having an argument on my blog.
I'm sorry, but shouldn't you be finding someone ELSE to betray?
way to completely cut off the communication flow.
and by cut off, i mean utterly AMPUTATE.
bLoNdBaBe3200: i even spelled prooper right

No you didn't.
but it's not my fault.
i have no motivation for hating creekboy.
i don't know how to annoy him any longer.
bLoNdBaBe3200: miss proper

I just KNEW the weirdness wasn't done with me yet.
I didn't this week would get any weirder, but life always proves me wrong.
and taco tay IS OFF.
Kelli has left the Creek war. Where do begin? Is this the end of the war?
HardcorePigeons: but i can't hate him
HardcorePigeons: you know why?
HardcorePigeons: he likes ZOOLANDER

Kelli and Creekboy have a connection. Just when I thought this week couldn't get any weirder, it did. But life always proves me wrong...
You can see the conversation here.
As if this week just COULDN'T get any weirder, Aparently Creekboy said I was a "Nice, kind woman".
Have we entered some kind of alternate reality or something?
Thursday, July 31, 2003
we are 138
we are 138
we arrrrrrrre 138
8! 8! 8! 8! 8!
Nevermind. Tripod won't let me use it. Damn Tripod.
I'm going to add a background image to the Creek War Journals.
Its going to be amazing.
"Even though I was their captive, the Indians allowed me quite a bit of freedom. I could walk about freely, make my own meals, and even hurl large rocks at their heads. It was only later that I discovered they were not Indians at all, but dirty clothes hampers. "
"I'll never forget the time the president came to our town. When I saw him go by, he looked so much older and sadder than I thought he was. Also, why was he driving an ice cream truck?"
So this is suzie's blog.

She's going to delete this post now. Sorry.
MachetesAreCool: i posted in your blog
MachetesAreCool: and also special.
The artist for that disney channel show "Stanley" can't draw for crap.
Oh my god I'm Kelli
I fell in a can of Jelly
I'm going to kill someone now
Oh my god I'm Kelli.

Cup of Java
Blogger Kindergarten
Guess what.
At 6, I'm babysitting the leg-humping cross dressing psycho Russian kids.
I hate kids, but I love money.
suziefromsweden: She probably forgets.
MachetesAreCool: Elephant-Heather-Chan
MachetesAreCool: Still the weird symbols.
MachetesAreCool: WHAT DO THEY MEAN
MachetesAreCool: ARGH
suziefromsweden: I took them off.
suziefromsweden: But they came back.
MachetesAreCool: OMG
MachetesAreCool: The symbols are probably signs signalling Dawson to the Mothership
MachetesAreCool: He's weird, that Greg.
MachetesAreCool: Rather be safe than Gregged.
You're going to hell.
I love my seals.
(The picture was WAY too big for my blog, so you can ejoy it on a separate site.)
I still haven't added my tagboard/ side menu crap to my blog... This needs to be changed.
MachetesAreCool: how do?
suziefromsweden: PROPER.
suziefromsweden: *improper.
suziefromsweden: Still doing the idiot immpression.
MachetesAreCool: Stoop.
MachetesAreCool: LOL
suziefromsweden: That was my asshole immpression.
MachetesAreCool: Oh, the sweet release of such anger.
bLoNdBaBe3200: cause it had boy germs
suziefromsweden: LOL
suziefromsweden: COOTIES.

HAHHA!!! Jen makes my creepy morning all better. LOL. Cooties.
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Why is my blog so screwed up?!?!?!
I want someone to buy me ice cream... and I want a cherry on top.
Today has just been way too weird.
Blog is dying...
And guess what... so am I.
HardcorePigeons: S- Special
HardcorePigeons: U- (I can't think of anything to begin with "U")
HardcorePigeons: Z- (I can't think of anything to begin with "Z")
HardcorePigeons: I- Interesting
HardcorePigeons: E- Eclectic
HardcorePigeons: S-U-Z-I-E
HardcorePigeons: SUZIE!
suziefromsweden: I LOVE IT.
HardcorePigeons: It's more like a cheer
HardcorePigeons: but I WORKED HARF2458D!
HardcorePigeons: LOL
HardcorePigeons: I MEAN "HARD"
HardcorePigeons: I don't know what happened there.
So I'm walking around my house, and I see this little girl with poofy curly blonde hair walking around wearing this little yellow dress...
Then "she" turns around. Its my 8 year old MALE neighbor wearing a wig and my tank top as a dress.....
I am mentally scarred from this image. I mean for gods sake, the kid was wearing my bra stuffed with socks... and it stretched out my tank top!!
That kid WILL pay.
Its like, my favorite movie of ALL TIME.
Yeah, so i just went to pick up Heather at her friend's house.... They have a ridiculously gorgeous house. I hate them. But I love their hampster. Its so tiny!
I made him feel bad by (accidently) talking about his ex-girlfriend...
This revenge is working better than planned.
Find his IP addresss. I want to nuke his computer.

suziefromsweden: LICEY LICE LICE LICE!
GNice5G: cute kelli
GNice5G: at least i spell my name right
suziefromsweden: Note the screen name.
suziefromsweden: Do you THINK I'm Kelli?
suziefromsweden: Fine. You caught me.
suziefromsweden: And cut your mullet
GNice5G: mullet? thats a good one
GNice5G: learn to spell kelly then IM me
*GNice5G warns SuzieFromSweden to 35%*
suziefromsweden: I'M NOT KELLAY YOU ASSHOLE
"If life is a river
Then love is a boat
I'm like a water baby
Born to float."
Oh my god I'm Suzie
I fell in a jacuzzi
I slipped inside and broke my side
Oh my god I'm Suzie.

Nevermind. I can't. I have to watch my sisters. There goes my free food.
Wait. I don't buy the food in my house.
I'm going to the swim team banquet tonight. I'm not even on the swim team. HAHA! Go me. I always know where to find free food.
Tuesday, July 29, 2003
I think I have a cold. I don't feel well. I'm making soup...
But otherwise I had a fun time at the pool.
My eyes are killing me. My uncle put 6 buckets of sand in his pool... and i have no idea why... all I know is that I have sand in my eyes and it is KILLING ME.
suziefromsweden (12:56:19 PM): All online/ video/computer/handheld games are EVIL and should be avoided at all costs.
tallgiraffe32 (12:56:30 PM): if u'd rather sell tshirts and thongs and clocks with ur symbols on them instead of playing games than u do that becasue its fun to u
tallgiraffe32 (12:56:36 PM): and i do neopets
tallgiraffe32 (12:56:39 PM): cause its fun to me
tallgiraffe32 (12:56:54 PM): why do u say their evil?
suziefromsweden (12:56:57 PM): Um, I sell them for MONEY.
suziefromsweden (12:57:06 PM): Becuase. They take over people's MINDS.
tallgiraffe32 (12:57:12 PM): lol
tallgiraffe32 (12:57:16 PM): :-D
suziefromsweden (12:57:22 PM): No, I'm serious.
tallgiraffe32 (12:57:31 PM): so i don't have my mind?
suziefromsweden (12:57:40 PM): No. They have it.
tallgiraffe32 (12:57:47 PM): LOL
tallgiraffe32 (12:57:53 PM): who's "they"?
suziefromsweden (12:58:03 PM): DIE, CREEKBOY. DIE.
tallgiraffe32 (12:58:12 PM): creekboy?

My angry moments.
tallgiraffe32: just playing on neopets
tallgiraffe32: as usual
suziefromsweden: You're still into neopets?
tallgiraffe32: yep
tallgiraffe32: hey
tallgiraffe32: there is a lady
tallgiraffe32: who's
tallgiraffe32: 20
tallgiraffe32: and she's into it
suziefromsweden: (Sad.)
tallgiraffe32: its not like its a baby thing
tallgiraffe32: its not like barney or anything
suziefromsweden: No, its not a baby thing. Its just not cool.
tallgiraffe32: who said?
suziefromsweden: I did.
Monday, July 28, 2003
I'm going to sleep. I've got a *cough* wonderful morning of chess and study skills ahead of me.
Somebody pass me my shotgun.
Okay, so I don't have a shotgun, but I'm still very angry.
Auto response from HardcorePigeons: i say we line em all up
then we gun em all down
then we all celebrate
as they all hit the ground
suziefromsweden: You're talking about Creekboy and all that associate with him, right?

Thats it. I'm getting a new template.
Well, I just got back from the movies with Jen. We went to see How To Deal. It was a great movie. Scratch that. AMAZING movie... but the people sitting in front of us? Now thats an entirely different story.

They were INSANE. They ruined the ENTIRE movie. I wanted to go up to them and yell at them, but Jen wouldn't let me.
They were laughing when "someone" died, they were running around during his funeral, they were screaming when they found out that "someone" was pregnant, and they just didn't shut up throughout the ENTIRE movie. I was so pissed. And at the ending scene when it was all happy and heartwarming, they went up and danced in front of the screen... I mean, I was PISSED OFF.
While Jen and I were in the parking lot waiting for her mom to come, I saw those girls in the parking lot... and since I was pissed off, I went over to them and told them off. It was great. Jen hid. She thought they were going to kill us... and as they were walking away they looked back at me and I gave them the finger... its the first time I ever gave someone the finger.. and thats how incredibly pissed off I was...
So yeah, Jen and I had a "fun" time at the movies. The end.
Newborn kangaroos are the size of a honeybee.
That is REALLY small, man. REALLY SMALL.
And I can't even edit my blog.... errrr.
Wow. I am so mad at Jen right now.
I Hate Creekboy.
Weapon of Mass Sarcasm
Sunday, July 27, 2003
HardcorePigeons: cheese-its are SO MUCH better than cheese nips, it's not even funny
suziefromsweden: I know.
HardcorePigeons: cheese nips don't even deserve to be called crackers.
suziefromsweden: They should be called crappers.
HardcorePigeons: im confused
HardcorePigeons: as i usually am
suziefromsweden: No, you're blonde.
HardcorePigeons: THERE'S A DIFFERENCE?
suziefromsweden: No.
HardcorePigeons: LOL
I found a place to film my show!!! Its in Atlantic City. Kellay is going to be my announcer my side-kick, and my manager.
Life cereal box, here I come...
Saturday, July 26, 2003
ginirosaru: "today we have a special guest for a full hour, sarah!" "HI SARAH!" *silence* *60 min later* THANK U SARAH
Yesterday while I was at my aunts pool, my sister came up behind me and COMPLETELY UNTIED MY BIKINI TOP. I was so pissed. If she does that at BLCC today, lets just say we'll be coming home with one less kid...
I'm going to the pool today. And after the pool I'm sleeping over my grandparents house. Fun fun fun.
DreamCatcher07: I can drive and I'm coming for you ahahahaha! lol jk

AAHHHHHHH!! They got her too.
I'm wearing these jeans that make me feel really really fat.
Friday, July 25, 2003
Wow. That camera is HUGE... and so not for me.
I mean, they shot a commercial with this baby. Thats pretty cool (ish).
I think I have found my camera. Its pretty big, but its good quality.
I need to find my camcorder... my NEW one that is. And after that I need to buy it.
I am determined. No one can stop me now.
I might have to settle for ABC though. ABC, the loser channel.
When I start my talk show (which I will have to start online... errr) I will seriously send an email to NBC asking them if I can have my own show... I want to have a TV show!!!!!
Maybe no one will notice.
I am going to kill Conan Obrien and take over his show.
i HATE pop-up windows. Especially the ones with "unpleasant" pictures. And by unpleasant, I mean gross beyond reason.
OMG. I'm going to write a book on reasons/ways to kill Creekboy. I can publish it on
This is going to be so great.
I'm making a DIE, CREEKBOY DIE store.
Errr. They're leaving without me. This means I'll have to walk over there. THIS COULD TAKE DAYS.
I think I'm going to my aunt's house today. DARN! Its SO FAR AWAY!
(Note: Its around the corner)
Wow. I SO did not post that.
Kellay: I was just eating a sandwich...IN THE GARAGE, haha
If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?

Beleive it or not, today I actually did chores. CHORES! I actually worked. Go me.
Thursday, July 24, 2003
I am going to have a TV show. Just wait. You'll see.
Wow. I've been so busy today. Not.
Wednesday, July 23, 2003
I just got back from Penncrest. Steph gave me a ride home because they had food in their car. Yum. I saw Rusty Carter there too, and I told him that he better sleep with one eye open. It was funny. And the chess "master" was telling me to stop threatening the little kids after they beat me... and I fell asleep in study skills.

I just told my entire day backwards. LOL.
Tuesday, July 22, 2003
errrrrrrrr. I have to delete AIM and then re-intall it. ARG.
The Creekboy Chatroom has been open since late last night, yet no one except for Kelli has visited it. Join the Creek War and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BE FREE!!!
I'm working on the "Die Creekboy" site. Its so amazing.
Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!Fight for your right to be free!!!
Fight for your right to be free!
Monday, July 21, 2003
Die, Creekboy. Die.
fiiiiiiiiiiiive: LOL. Proper english...
fiiiiiiiiiiiive: *improper.
fiiiiiiiiiiiive: HAHAHA.
fiiiiiiiiiiiive: No. I'm just doing my idiot impression.
I think I'm going to be sick.
Look at all the people without arms. They're happy. I have arms. I should be ecstatic!
fiiiiiiiiiiiive: Its a freaking world war, everyone was involved.
Ouburi: i know i started it.......
I've always wanted to ride my bike down a set of stairs.
KELLAYKELLAY: were getting our kitchen redone
KELLAYKELLAY: so our "kitchen"
KELLAYKELLAY: is currently
KELLAYKELLAY: located in
KELLAYKELLAY: the garage
KELLAYKELLAY: to go outside and get some water
KELLAYKELLAY: so i'll brb
"Whats living if you never pull your shorts down and slide on the ice?"
fiiiiiiiiiiiive: LOL
fiiiiiiiiiiiive: TIF
KELLAYKELLAY: we are laughing retards.
fiiiiiiiiiiiive: LOL
fiiiiiiiiiiiive: Yes we are.
I have a HUGE problem. I think i may like the guy my best friend likes. I mean, I used to be friends with him, but now I find that the more and more time I spend with him the more I start to like him... you know. I can't stand it. I don't know what to do!

Have a thumb war to determine who likes him more.
(P.S. This is the smallest HUGE problem I have ever heard of) *

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Minna wins today, because that was just too great.
Should 4 year olds really be this big?
B is for how beautiful I am
I is for how incredible I am
T is for how tough I am
C is for how cute I am
H is for how hard I'm gonna kick your ass next time you call me a bitch
Pianopek2: i see that ur warning level is up to 5% huh?
suziefromsweden: It is?
suziefromsweden: No its not.
*warning level increased to 20%*
pianopek2: now is over 5 good going
suziefromsweden: THATS 20 YOU BASTARD.
suziefromsweden: >:o
pianopek2: hey hey its ur fault
suziefromsweden: I want chinese.
KELLAYKELLAY: we ordered chinese
KELLAYKELLAY: i got a fortune cookie that said
KELLAYKELLAY: "you thought it was a secret, but it never was" and had a bunch of these :-):-):-)
KELLAYKELLAY: it was so scary
KELLAYKELLAY: like a threat
suziefromsweden: LOL!!
suziefromsweden: I'm going to have a Chinese restaraunt.
KELLAYKELLAY: Hong Kong Wong Fong!'
suziefromsweden: And have creepy fortunes like "If you read this I will eat your first born"
suziefromsweden: LOL
suziefromsweden: And "I hate you."
suziefromsweden: YES!!!!
suziefromsweden: "I hope you die"
KELLAYKELLAY: and "You better sleep with one eye open tonight"
suziefromsweden: LOL!!!!
suziefromsweden: and "Die, Creekboy. Die."
KELLAYKELLAY: and "Creekboy- I'm going to chew your appendages off"
suziefromsweden: Ew.
suziefromsweden: LOL
KELLAYKELLAY: *gnaw gnaw*
suziefromsweden: here's one: "I hope terrorists kill you and your family in your sleep"
KELLAYKELLAY: and "i'm going to wax your face off"
suziefromsweden: "Your mother never loved you."
KELLAYKELLAY: "Your teddy bear was your only friend--and he only did it cause your Daddy paid him".
suziefromsweden: LOL
suziefromsweden: "This cookie is poison"
That is really cool writing, man.
Capricorn horoscope for Tuesday, July 22nd:

You bail someone out of a dumb mistake by making him or her look like a hero. Most people will recognize you as the real mastermind. Romance gets a boost from an unexpected source.

Uh oh...
suziefromsweden: BE HAPPY!!
Auto response from EwansForeverMine: hey, pissed off so u can leave one but i aighn't gonna answer nora call me and we'll chat about doin something tonight i guess k byez

suziefromsweden: I know, its because I didn't tell you the suprise.
suziefromsweden: Trust me, you won't like it.
suziefromsweden: It will annoy you TO DEATH.
EwansForeverMine: lol im back kiddo
EwansForeverMine: wazzup?!
suziefromsweden: LOL
suziefromsweden: Uh oh.
suziefromsweden: Jk
EwansForeverMine: what surprise!!!
EwansForeverMine: :-)
suziefromsweden: Not too much, you?
EwansForeverMine: tell me!!
EwansForeverMine: n2m
suziefromsweden: You'll find out.
EwansForeverMine: ya hoo!
suziefromsweden: In about 26 hours..
EwansForeverMine: lol what's it for
EwansForeverMine: lol 26 hours?
EwansForeverMine: what!!
EwansForeverMine: tell me!!
suziefromsweden: I've already revealed too much.
suziefromsweden: You'll hate it though.
EwansForeverMine: lmfao
EwansForeverMine: really
EwansForeverMine: i wont hate it
EwansForeverMine: grrr
suziefromsweden: It will haunt you for the rest of your life....
suziefromsweden: or at least until the end of the month.
EwansForeverMine: omg im scared nowsuziefromsweden: BE HAPPY!!
Auto response from EwansForeverMine: hey, pissed off so u can leave one but i aighn't gonna answer nora call me and we'll chat about doin something tonight i guess k byez

suziefromsweden: I know, its because I didn't tell you the suprise.
suziefromsweden: Trust me, you won't like it.
suziefromsweden: It will annoy you TO DEATH.
EwansForeverMine: lol im back kiddo
EwansForeverMine: wazzup?!
suziefromsweden: LOL
suziefromsweden: Uh oh.
suziefromsweden: Jk
EwansForeverMine: what surprise!!!
EwansForeverMine: :-)
suziefromsweden: Not too much, you?
EwansForeverMine: tell me!!
EwansForeverMine: n2m
suziefromsweden: You'll find out.
EwansForeverMine: ya hoo!
suziefromsweden: In about 26 hours..
EwansForeverMine: lol what's it for
EwansForeverMine: lol 26 hours?
EwansForeverMine: what!!
EwansForeverMine: tell me!!
suziefromsweden: I've already revealed too much.
suziefromsweden: You'll hate it though.
EwansForeverMine: lmfao
EwansForeverMine: really
EwansForeverMine: i wont hate it
EwansForeverMine: grrr
suziefromsweden: It will haunt you for the rest of your life....
suziefromsweden: or at least until the end of the month.
EwansForeverMine: omg im scared now
Trapped at 1515 Broadway: The chronicles of watching MTV for 24 hours.
That is such an adorable story. I cannot wait until February 28th, 2004 when I go to Dallas. My parents don't know yet, but they will...
"Four years ago come this Wednesday, Chris and I went down to the market, bought a $4 bouquet of sweet peas, went home, napped and showered as I changed into a $30 dress a friend had bought for me and a rented tux that someone has rented for Chris (because we only had $12 at the time) and with two friends we headed to a park beside our flat, took a picture, then, late, headed to our wedding.

It took 20 minutes at the justice of the peace and after the four of us and went and had dinner.

We married this way because at the time, the only thing that mattered to us was to be together. And to do that, we had to get married. We didn't get married to have this huge wedding, to impress people, to fulfil a fantasy. We didn't get married so that we wouldn't be 30 without a spouse or because people looked at us funny if we weren't. We got married so that we could be together. (We're from separate countries).

So much of the time, I see misconceptions of what love - and romance - really is. People think its keeping score, who took the garbage out, how many flowers you got, who does what, what status you have and what dress you wore to your $40,000 wedding. But it's more than that.

I bring this up because Chris has been rushed to the Emergency room twice in ten days. When he's sick, having CT & MRI scans, and terribly helpless, the thoughts of roses, chores and other people don't matter for either of us. What matters is that we are there for each other. That I am there to help him, to let him know that he can be sick because I will look after him and for him to feel secure that throwing up isn't going to scare me off.

People often ask why our relationship is so good, why, after six years together we still swoon so terribly and each has lives that are individual but together. We say it's because we love being together, we feel safe with each other, and we can be totally honest with one another. We didn't bring outside thoughts or forces into our relationship - we only do what works for us.

When he was lying in the hospital this morning, he began to be a little concerned for our anniversary plans next week, which included a 3 hour drive north to Vancouver for an over night trip. He can't move because of his illness and so the trip would have to be cancelled.

I reminded him that the trip didn't matter. That we could always make it up at some point and that we didn't need to do something big to celebrate our anniversary. We just needed to be together, just like on the day we were married."

Alex, still my idol.
Suzie's stomache says "FEED ME DAMMIT!!"
I think its about time that I ate lunch.
I want to get that stalker program where you can follow people with arial cameras and control what they do on their computer... I have BIG plans for this one... no one is safe anymore... MUAHHAHAHAHHAH!!!
OMG!!!! Now I can go to the mall EVERY DAY because I'll be RIGHT THERE because I'll be at Penncrest. This is great.
I'm hungry. I think I want a grilled cheese... mmm... cheese....
Its gettin' hot in here
So take off all your clothes

What an annoying song...
WAIT!!! I never told you about my weekend... oh wait, I couldn't becuase MY STUPID INTERNET WAS DOWN ALL FREAKING WEEKEND!!!!!!
This sucks major butt.
Oh well, at least I'll be able to see Nora and Jess everyday... and then they can catch me up on alll the stuff I've been missing since they started they're summer school stuff.
Guess what!!!
Good news: I don't have to do my writing program anymore!!!!!!! In fact, I didn't even go today!!
Bad news: My parents are making me take a study skills class... at Penncrest... and theres more.
Since its only half as long as the writing program, they're making me do another thing after it... AGGHHHH!!!! I hate this crap. Someone kill me. But do you know what class I'm going to take?? Do you??? They're making me take chess... CHESS!! I they're going to suffer for this one.....
Friday, July 18, 2003
I won't publish my page until I get my pictures developed. That way I can put them on there. Fun fun.
I don't think anyone will ever see the site I'm making. Screw the whole "I'll have it finished by tonight" thing. This is too good of a story.
Still working on the new site. Still writing stories. Still from the heart.
KELLAYKELLAY: you will learn to face your discontents as you grow, young grasshopper wong tong suzie chan.
KELLAYKELLAY: *note how name keeps getting longer
Sorry I haven't written that much all day. I've been working on my newest addition to my collection of sites.
Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-off is on.
Laurel just called my cell phone and we talked for about 30 seconds. Since my house has bad reception I stepped outside and got bitten by about 747321846372846738125324179 mosquitos. Some babysitter I am.
Yeah, so I'm watching Lauren becuase my parents went to see Terminator 3, which I've heard only earned a half star... HAHA.
I need crabcakes... yummy... seafood.
I have an amazing new site in the making. Knowing me, it'll probably be done by tonight.
i could be going to a fair with crystal, but instead i have to babysit my sister....
Errrr. I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles....
Kelly Clarkson should have her uterus ripped out to save humanity.
I just went to the mall with nora. what a story i have. i'll tell you in a few minutes because my hands don't like me right now an di have no control over them.
Magic dragon911: I DUNNO ASK MR ASS!!!!!!
Thursday, July 17, 2003
Wait!! Before I go:

"Most rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."
- Frank Zappa

"It's a scientific fact that if you stay in California, you lose one point of IQ for every year."
- Truman Capote, on his impression of Hollywood

"I'm not offended by all the dumb-blonde jokes, because I know I'm not dumb. And I also know that I'm not blonde."
- Dolly Parton

"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much."
- Oscar Wilde

"Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy."
- Albert Einstein explaining how he selects his clothes every day

"My cousin just died. He was only 19. He got stung by a bee - the natural enemy of a tightrope walker."
- Dan Rather - CBS Evening News anchorman, during an interview

"An end is in sight to the severe weather shortage."
- BBC weatherman Ian Macaskill informing the public about the coming changes in the

"Traffic is very heavy at the moment, so if you are thinking of leaving now, you'd better set off a few minutes earlier."
- An unnamed reporter talking about the morning traffic

"Nobody shot me."
- The last words of Frank Gusenberg when asked by police who shot him 14 times with a machine gun in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre
(that one wins)

"I have spent a lot of time searching through the Bible for loopholes."
- W.C. Fields

"Only Capone kills like that."
- George "Bugs" Moran, on the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

"The only man who kills like that is Bugs Moran."
- Al Capone, on the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

"I find this corpse guilty of carrying a concealed weapon and fine it $40."
- Judge Roy Bean, finding a pistol and $40 on a man he'd just shot

"Sun may influence earth's climate"
- Headline to a news item from the Associated Press

"Computers in the future may weigh no more than one and a half tons."
- Popular Mechanics, forecasting the relentless march of science in 1949

"We don't like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out."
- Decca Recording Company after rejecting the Beatles in 1962

"Researchers have discovered that chocolate produces some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana. The researchers also discovered other similarities between the two but can't remember what they are."
- Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show

"This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us."
- 1876 Western Union internal memo

Reporter: "Do you like topless bathing suits?"
Ringo Starr: "We've been wearing them for years."
- From one of the many interviews with The Beatles

"Sharks are not interested in eating people. They tend to investigate people and one way they do that is to bite. But generally they take one or two bites and then go away."
- An unnamed New York ichthyologist

"Everything that can be invented has been invented."
- U.S. Patent Office Commissioner Charles H. Duell in 1899, upon calling for the abolition of his office
(this one loses. what an ass)

Well, I'm going up to bed now. Toodles!!!
those last 6 posts are compliments of
"The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder."
- Famed director Alfred Hitchcock

"Yes, the operator should have seen the deer, and yes, it should have been removed."
- Walter Bortree of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, on a road repair crew that paved over a dead deer
In the year 498 B.C., in the city of Chung-tu, crime ceased to happen with the naming of a new Minister of Crime. Legend has it that nobody wanted to commit a crime because everyone idolized the new minister, someone by the name of Confucius.
In ancient China people committed suicide by eating a pound of salt.
After his death in 896, the body of Pope Formosus was dug up and tried for various crimes.
Before the 984 foot high Eiffel Tower was built in 1889, the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. was the tallest building in the world at 555 feet.
and kellay is coming with me.
i have to water the flowers...errrr.
i havent used my right hand in quite some time now.
my left handed handwriting is now ledgible. sloppy, yes. but at least you can read it.
i need someone to come to dallas with me.
I was sitting at work this morning and everything started to shake. I looked at my coworker and I said calmly, "Are we having an earthquake?" He looked at me and said, "I think so."

I stood there debating what to do. Should I go under my desk and overreact or stand there looking cool. I've never looked cool so under my desk I went. I'm glad I did.

Walls were swinging, the floor moved up and down, things fell all around me as my desk collapsed. I heard things falling from other areas and then the power went out. I sat under my desk with my eyes closed and my arm sticking out. People later asked me why my arm stuck out. This, I thought, was quite clever. I have seen when the ceilings fall on people and desks collapse, and I thought if that happened to me and my arm stuck out, they would know I was there. It's ok, even my husband laughed at that.
who wants to come to dallas with me??
i had no idea that czechnoslovakia was no longer a country.
Wednesday, July 16, 2003
i have no choice. i must go to dallas and meet my idol... i have no choice.... I MUST GO TO DALLAS ON FEBRUARY 28TH.
i'm sorry. but that just wins for today.
suziefromsweden: hey
DonchaLoveSum41: Is for horses.
DonchaLoveSum41: But not for me.
happy half birthday jenna.
heres my day:

the morning was all a blur. lets fast forward to the afternoon.

i took jenna out to lunch for her half birthday. it was fun. we went to ruby's diner at had some amazingly good food... and we told them it was her birthday and they gave her a free sundae. yummy. the waitress thought we were 16. it was funny. then we went to the BIG suprise... BUILD A BEAR. it was so much fun. i mean, a lot of fun. so many laughs. we got matching bears with matching shirts that said "best friends". it was adorable AND it came with a free pair of sandals for them. it was so cute. and we paid for it and got pretty pink bows for them... we had so much fun. then we went to claires and bought big sister-little sister necklaces. and matching anckelettes. they're so cute!! but not as cute as our bears. then we got gelatos.... they were so expensive and you only got this little cup. but it was good... but it pissed me off MAJORLY because they gave us FLAT SPOONS. and they were TINY. so it took FOREVER to eat. nevertheless, it was good. and then we decided that we would be left handed. so i've been typing with my left hand ONLY this whole time and i think its taken me a half hour... LOL. oh well, good times.
me and jenna are gonna be lefties. it'll be amazing. right now i'm only typing with my left hand so i can build up my muscles... it sucks, but we'll be the ones laughing when we can use our left hands and you can only use the right. oh yeah, go us.
happy half birthday jenna!!!! its the big one-three-and a half!!! woooo!!!
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
suziefromsweden: You're such a kidder.
TinkerbellBaby74: or am i?
suziefromsweden: Oh, you are.
TinkerbellBaby74: or so u think
suziefromsweden: Oh, I don't think.
suziefromsweden: Ever.
What scares me:
The cleaning lady follows me around my house and cleans up my messes. I make lots of messes so she's always behind me.... errrr. Stalker.
Wow. What a morning. It all started out last night. I went to Dairy Queen. Steph was there. I left my wallet there. So then I went up to Penncrest this morning thinking she would be there... I went in and ran in to Nora and Jess. They told me Steph wasn't getting there until 10... So I was talking to them for a while. Maybe I should go up there every morning just to catch up on what they don't tell me... Or maybe not. But I had to go to my creative writing thing at Neuwman. ERRRRR. Oh well. So we did this thing were we got into partners and wrote a story. I made a new friend. I wanted to name her Mary, but she already had a name (Julia). Oh well. So we wrote a story. It sucked. I'm not even going to describe it. So then at 11:30 I left and went BACK to Penncrest to retreive my wallet. I hunted down Steph and you know what? She had it. So I have my money now and its all good.
I'm going to sleep now. Blogsitting is tough work.
I haven't been adding tagboards to my collection lately. The poor site probably feels neglected.
After that weird combination of food, I finnally burped.
I just ate:

sour pickles
sweet pickles
cookies and milk
chips and salsa
fruit loops

I love food.

Magic dragon911: i'm going to make a website listing everything you can be famous for

Now that's what I'm talking about!!!
I have a self-inflating hot pink volleyball. Am I the luckiest person alive or what?
Or tomato juice...
Or at least a pickle.
I'm hungry.... and I still want my sandwich.
Weapons of Mass Distruction
Oh. My. God.
The new layout is COMPLETE!!!! I have just added the tagboard so its all good now.
Note how I just COMPLETELY re-did my blog.
Monday, July 14, 2003
Ew. Note how my side links are non-exsistant.

Click so I'll make money
Wait. Make that 110.
I have the PERFECT revenge on CB. Its PERFECT. Now all I need to do is make 100 for it. Errrrr.
suziefromsweden: (Translation: Do you care?)
TinkerbellBaby74: sure
suziefromsweden: LOL
suziefromsweden: No you don't.

Auto response from TinkerbellBaby74: this odl place
these old feelings
i know that vie been here before
but as i try to wipe it all away
at the end of the day
i still want to be by your side

suziefromsweden: EXACTLY.
Now I'm listening to Scapesonik. They are so amazing.
In case you didn't notice, I'm listening to my old playlist...
Now I'm listening to Yellowcard.
Oh my god. I'm listening to Shakira.
.:the may story:.

may was born march 10, 1983 in lake arrowhead. She is cherokee indian, german, english, irish, and scottish. she is 19th cousin to prince charles, which means that if you kill about 10,000 engish people, may could become queen...(maybe). her parents got divorced when she was 9 months old. she had a wonderful, adventurous, happy childhood with her mother. then one day, at age 7, while visiting her dad, the mean and evil grandfather came and kidnapped may. he then put a false restraining order on her mother for domestic violence. may wanted to go home to her mother, but the court wouldn't let her. then the evil grandfather shipped may up to alaska to live with the strict aunt with the mean husband. the wonderful mother borrowed a lot of money from people and went up to alaska, fought court battles, and after about a year and a half got may back. yay! may now had a new baby brother. so things were not quite the same.
but, over time everything went back to normal. and right after that happened, when may was 11, guess what?! she got taken away again! random people came to our house, saw the little brother's toys all over the floor, and said "this house is a mess, you must be depressed" and took the poor mother away. they put her in the hospital for "depression" and because "she didn't make arrangements for her kids" (they wouldn't let her), ...they threw the kids into a modern day orphanage called orangewood. from there it got worse. may didn't get to see her brother for months. and she only got to see her mother for an hour a week, with a big mean person listening to everything they said, ready to terminate their visits at any mention of god or of running away. then may went into foster homes, and her brother got adopted against their mom's will.
then may went to a group home that was so horrible that you even had to ask to eat or go to the bathroom, to go to your room, to go on the front porch, and so on. if you didn't shake hands with every person that came to the door, you would be worse than grounded. you were not allowed to hug or touch anyone, you had to spent at least 12 hours a week deep cleaning, you only got 15 minutes a day to talk on the phone. No internet. if you were lucky you could see your friends for 4 hours a week, but you could not get in their cars, and the group home people would spy on had to say "okay" to everything they said, no matter what it was!! it was like living under a totalitarian government!! ...there were a lot more horrible things too, but this is trying to be a "short" story!
at that time may did not get to see her "mommy" for a year and a half. then may went into more foster homes and etc, etc... her mom went to court over and over again, but there were too many lies and misunderstandings in the papers, and may never did get her mommy back. from age 7 or age 11, whichever way you want to look at it, may lived the rest of her life without parents. without love. without even an animal to hold. without anything. imagine that? how would you like to lose your entire family when you were that young? may turned 18 and tried to go home...but home was no more. the house was gone. the cat was gone. the brother was gone. and the mother had gone crazy from losing her only love, her children. the damage was irreparable. may's past had been erased. and all hope was finally gone.
may, age 19, is now a theatre major at ucsd. she's trying to catch up on the years of life she missed....being a child, and being a the same time, she also has to live the life of an adult.


Go to this site.

Then remember that this lady killed her two children...

Sensitive my ass....

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